Man on a Ledge


Action / Adventure / Crime / Thriller

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Elizabeth Banks as Lydia Mercer
Anthony Mackie as Mike Ackerman
Sam Worthington as Nick Cassidy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tkbn3812 8 / 10

Good enough movie, enough action and suspense to keep you watching

Man On A Ledge may not have gotten stellar reviews from critics, and it may not be perfect, but it's an adequate enough action-thriller film that should keep viewers entertained for two hours.

The premise of the movie seems simple enough at first. An escaped fugitive threatens to jump off a building in New York, capturing the attention of everyone beneath him on the streets and all the police. He's doing this so that no one notices a robbery he has cooked up being undertaken just across the street.

Of course, the plot is a fair deal more complicated than that. The man has conspired to steal a jewel from the building across the road to prove that he didn't steal the jewel two years earlier...yes, it's a very confusing plot premise. It's one of the main reasons that many found these film unappealing; its unbelievable plot.

But the film is more enjoyable if you try ignore the unbelievable plot. The premise of a man threatening to jump off a building is played with well, keeping us engaged in the film. Sure, it is stretched out quite a bit, but it's played with just well enough that the audience doesn't get bored. We are reminded of his presence just enough that we don't forget about him and not so much that it feels forced.

The acting isn't exactly stellar, with Sam Worthington, playing the main character, feeling a little dull at times. Regardless, his character is engaging enough, his character's raw desperation coming across clearly in the way Worthington acts. Despite the confusion it's hard not to feel even a bit of sympathy for his character, for reasons divulged as the movie progresses.

The action scenes are what give the film its edge. The man on the ledge is juggled cleverly with the heist going on in the building across the street. Action throughout the film is slow at first, but the scenes gradually speed up, becoming more enjoyable and gripping as the film climaxes, until the satisfying ending.

Honestly, the film isn't flawless, but it's a fun enough watch. If you aren't one to overlook plot holes, not-so- stellar acting and an unbelievable story, then this isn't the film for you. But casual viewers and action-lovers will be entertained. It has engaging action scenes and an interesting heist that no doubt should keep the most action- thirsty among us satisfied for two hours.

Reviewed by bo_brown_jr 4 / 10

Moron is not American

This moron named Sam Worthington can't speak with an American accent, so why do people keep casting him as one? There are so many great American actors who already have an American accent. The guy's not even a good actor. USA movie producers, please stop going to these small countries and hiring foreigners to play Americans, especially when we have a HUGE nation full of great actors. Australia is 24 million people. USA is 330 million people.

Oh, and the movie sucks, too.

Reviewed by Nadine Salakov 6 / 10

This could have been a brilliant motion picture.

Man On A Ledge is watchable, but it could have been so much better, the Trivia says that Amy Adams was considered for the role as the negotiator - they should have called her agent! The actress who plays the negotiator isn't very good, maybe i'm being biased because i just don't like the actress, i don't like the way she talks in general, her character speaks to the guy like he's a child, she's one of the most weakest negotiators in the history of film and what is with the advice to "Visualise something positive" (he isn't an 11 year old getting bullied at school, he's on a damn ledge!) and her big hair doesn't help either, at least try to look a little bit professional and tie your hair back, they should have got Jodie Foster, Maggie Q or anyone else to play the negotiator, it would have been a much more entertaining film.

The performances from the other actors are okay, the younger brother and the girlfriend are a clever couple of characters, however the writers or better still the editor could have excluded some of the dialogue (example the dialogue about her ex-lovers, is that even necessary to the movie whatsoever? the film is not even about them as a couple, it isn't a relationship comedy/drama, that piece of dialogue is pointless).

Ed Harris is good in his supporting role, but he looks very ill and scrawny, last time i watched him was in the movie "Stepmom" he still looked old back then, but he didn't look sick.

The plot is interesting, the film score is okay, nothing special, the cinematic colour theme compliments the movie and the New York scenery is very nice, some scenes are overwhelmingly shocking and that is when the main male character is jumping from roof to roof and roof to floor.

The plot can get confusing, so watch it more than once if you don't get it, follow the film closely and you'll have your answers, i had to watch this flick more than once because the plot isn't straight forward and is very subtle at times.

The plot is actually rare, so that is one thing unique about this motion picture.

The song at the very end credits is awful, if you listen to the lyrics it's understandable why they used this song, but it's still terrible, a Kanye West track would've sounded better than this stale piece of music.

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