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Peter Stormare as Karlsson
Eli Roth as Frowny the Clown
Laura Allen as Meg
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sethdarvick 1 / 10

STOP Clowning around!

Hello, Eli? Mr. Roth? Why did you make this movie? It wasn't scary or even remotely unnerving. In the trues sense of the word, it was a flop--like the noise a clown's oversized shoe would make on asphalt. This clown should have perished in a circus fire like the one they had in Hartford, CT over 35 years ago. The premise of the movie: 100% predictable. Direction: Misguided. Lighting: There wasn't any. Sound: Loud then low, low then loud. Acting: Like a crappy comic book. If you enjoy wasting your time or if you are just curious and want to see if this film could be fodder for Mystery Science Theater 3000, then watch it. If you are expecting an Ed Wood masterpeice, you will be let down. If you couldn't tell, "I HATED THIS MOVIE!"

Reviewed by Thomas Clement (Mr. OpEd) 9 / 10

Movies like this don't scare me...but this movie

Well, scare isn't the right word. But tension? You bet. Don't understand the low ratings. Perhaps not enough gore or the troll/demon under the bridge isn't that familiar. See it for yourself. A great flick.

Reviewed by darvickusa 1 / 10

Ever Wished you could turn back time? You will if you watch this,

I feel like a lone voice in a sea of fake reviews.

There is no way anyone--I mean ANYONE with 1% of brain cells left in their head, that would give this film a passing grade. It fails at every attempt at everything. No need for details other than DON'T BOTHER!! It's the worst of the worst.

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